Brian Tooley Racing, Chevrolet, Gen III/IV LS1/LS2, N/A Stage 1 Camshaft 32330152R1

SKU: 32330152R1

BTR CAMSHAFT - LS1/LS2 - N/A STAGE 1 - 32330152R1

Specs: 223/230 .613"/.605" 115+2


This is a great camshaft for daily driver applications that need an extra kick in the pants. It offers an aggressive idle compared to stock without going overboard and negatively affecting drivability. Stock torque converters will work with this. However, an aftermarket stall will help unlock this cams full potential. The stable lobe design and mild specs ensure that this cam is easy enough on your valvetrain components to keep you smiling for tens of thousands of miles. Lobes designed in house by BTR.