Brian Tooley Racing, Chevrolet, BTR RED HOT CAMSHAFT BTR-REDHOT



221/24X, .619/.617, 113 LSA


BTR is proud to introduce our newest camshaft offering for LS3 engines. Affectionately dubbed The Red Hot Cam, we have put this camshaft in a wide variety of LS3 engine combos, and it was spicy enough to make excellent power in both boosted and N/A applications.

Things really heated up once it was installed and running on the engine dyno. It showed excellent power gains over our existing Stage 2 PDS and LS3 Centrifugal cam profiles even with less intake duration. Using BTR lobes designed in house, this cam had just the right amount of kick that combined both great stability and durability during Spintron testing. Scoring a 1.5m SHU (Think Carolina Reaper and Pepper Spray) on the Scoville Scale, this cam is sure to add some heat to your LS3 build!