Brian Tooley Racing, 3/8" Diameter, 0.080" Wall, One-Piece Chromoly Pushrod Set

SKU: BTR-PR7300375-16

These one-piece, centerless-ground 4130 chrome molybdenum pushrods are designed for use in oval track race cars, drag race cares, hot rods, sport compacts and marine applications. Heat treated to a hardness of RC60 and featuring oil holes that are drilled and chamfered to prevent stress fractures and cracks. Manufactured with 5/16” ball ends with a tolerance of plus or minus 0.001” and the pushrods are laser-etched with the part number and specifications on a black oxide finish.

Available in many lengths.

Standard LS7 length is 7.800”
Standard LT1/LT4/L83/L86 is 7.850”

Pushrod length is affected by any of the following:

  • Block deck height
  • Head deck height
  • Head stud boss height
  • Rocker arm brand/design
  • Cam base circle size
  • Lifter design/brand/pushrod seat height
  • Valve stem length

We highly advise you to not assume anything when determining the correct pushrod length for your engine. Due to the myriad of variables that may exist the only way to determine the required length is to measure properly.