ECS 2015-2019 C7 LT4 Corvette Z06 Conversion Kits

SKU: ECS-100-050-B

When the new 2015 C7 Z06 was released and we started modifying them we quickly came to find out the factory Eaton 1.7L supercharger was not going to keep up for long and saw them max out at about the 750whp range.

Soon after we started development on a conversion kit that would remove the factory supercharger and replace it with a custom sheet-metal intake manifold and add our proven billet impeller NOVI 2200X 10-Rib Belt Drive C7 supercharger system for customers with power goals between 1,100 to 1,300whp.


System includes:

-ECS C7 10-Rib NOVI 2200-X Polished Kit.

-Innovators West balancer and 10-Rib direct drive hub.

-Gates RPM Racing 10-Rib supercharger belt.

-Paxton NOVI 2200-X billet impeller supercharger:

 Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.45:1

 Max Speed: 65,000 RPM

 Max Boost: 30+ PSI

 Max Flow: 1,950 CFM

 Max Power: 1,400+ HP

 Peak Efficiency: 78%

-Dual TiAL Q 50mm blow off valves.

-G1 Pro LT4 black sheet metal intake manifold. 

-ECS C7 Braided AN oil feed and drain line kits.

-Retains all factory transmission and oil coolers.

-100% Reversible installation back to stock if desired.



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