FID 500cc/min EV14 High Impedance Fuel Injectors

SKU: FID-0500-08-LS1

The Fuel Injector Development 500 cc/min is an EV14 based high impedance fuel injector.

They are set matched within +/- 1.0% static flow (fuel flow) and +/- 1.5% dynamically (pulsed).

The matching process combined with the fast response and linearity of this injector produces amazing idle qualities, excellent drivability, and smoothness not found in other injectors of this size.

Fuel Injector Development provides injector deadtimes and flow ratings which makes calibrating your fuel maps easier.

These injectors have USCAR/EV6 connectors, but will come with new pigtails if needed for your application; plug and play connectors are also available.  They will be provided with hats and adaptors to fit your specific application.

Compatible with all fuels including gasoline, ethanol and methanol.

*Price is for a set of 8 Injectors*