Monster Clutch S2-9524 - 08-09 Pontiac G8 GXP S Series Twin Discs Clutch Package

SKU: MON-S2-9524-GXP

The only carbon organic based twin disc clutch on the market that can take a tremendous amount of abuse, and still keep it's warranty if you race it - the S Series twin disc clutch is a fantastic unit that will hold 700 rwhp/rwtq and retain stock driving characteristics. We start by using a factory GM LT1 based pressure plate setup and modify the lift/release as well as plate load to increase performance - all while leaving the pedal effort 100% factory. What this translates to is a twin disc clutch that has all the designed benefits of a factory unit with the ability to take serious abuse and generate a clean release with all GM factory based hydraulics to 8000 rpm! We wrap these assemblies up using our patent pending cnc machined billet steel flywheel to convert them to work in numerous applications - all of these units are balanced to less than 0.100 OZ/IN at no additional charge.


Long life, great performance, and factory driving characteristics are all things you can expect from the S Series twin disc clutches. While they will absolutely take a tremendous amount of abuse the only thing we don't recommend with the S Series twin is drifting. The rigours of drifting do not do well with full faced frictions, beyond that we highly recommend them for all other usages as long as you're within the power rating. These units not only thrive on the street where stop and go traffic are just as easy as driving a factory car, they also do great at the drag strip with numerous recorded 9 second passes, as well as the road course/HPDE/autocross track which allows you to take advantage of the reduced MOI and excellent high rpm release you can rest easy knowing they are up for the task, and will still get you home.


When installed and broken in properly you should expect factory smooth operation and no chatter with a factory pedal effort and engagement feel - the only exception to this is if you are using an aftermarket master cylinder as the larger displacement will increase pedal effort and reduce the engagement window.