Monster Clutch SC1-1228 - 04-06 GTO SC Series Single Disc Clutch Package


The original Monster Clutch Co. design has a new name, but it's still the same great clutch. The SC Series single disc clutch is rated to 700 rwhp/rwtq and is one of our most popular units. Previously our Level 3, these clutches are designed to be driven hard at the track with some moderate street use. We utilize proprietary ceramic based friction material along with our 12" Extreme Duty pressure plate - this mixed with our billet steel cnc machined flywheels make these units very robust and a fantastic value - all of these units are balanced to less than 0.100 OZ/IN at no additional charge.


While these are great for the abuse and extreme driving conditions, these are not intended for daily driven applications unless you are absolutely okay with an aggressive clutch. What do we mean by aggressive? It's going to chatter/shudder during take off and will have an on/off feel to it - this is made worse by lightened flywheel assemblies. We recommend this clutch for any type of power adder in a racing or aggressive street application as long as you're within the power rating of the clutch - this provides an excellent budget based unit for those looking to hold big power and abuse without breaking the bank.


When installed and broken in properly you should expect moderate chatter/shudder and a bit of an on/off engagement with a factory pedal effort - the only exception to this is if you are using an aftermarket master cylinder as the larger displacement will increase pedal effort and reduce the engagement window.