Tick Performance 4500BS - Billet Burst Panel Spacer Ffor 4500 Flange


This 4500 spacer is machined from one piece of 6061 aluminum and contains an SFI approved burst panel. Ideal for high horsepower boosted applications, the spacer measures 2.375 inches tall. Not only will this panel help with improved air distribution between cylinders, it will also act as a much needed safety device.

High horespower engines require a lot of fuel. With all that fuel, if you have an event that the fuel can't make it into the cylinder (like with broken rocker arm) the fuel then ponds in the intake manifold and can cause a backfire. The burst panel is designed to blow out and release this pressure before it has a chance to damage other vital components. Add an insurance policy to your build with a burst panel spacer and never miss a race due to a backfire. 

This kit includes

  • (2) Two burst panels

  • (2) Two gaskets

  • (1) Billet spacer 2.375" tall