Tick Performance TCKBFP-001 - Billet Front Plate T56/Magnum


Tick Performance is the leader in high horsepower T56, and Magnum builds. Our latest product provides a new level of quality for our transmission builds. Machined in-house, the Tick Performance Billet Front plate is ideal for high-horsepower builds looking to retain high strength and an enhanced Bung/Sprayer system. 


  • 100% Build in the USA
  • Bungs and Sprayer coats 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears in oil 
  • Designed and tested on high-output stick-shift cars 
  • Improved rigidity, better gear mesh, and engagement 
  • O-ring sealing for a leak-proof design 
  • Can be used with either T56 or Magnum gear sets 

The billet front plate dramatically improves strength, which can help reduce torque deflection. The added strength also helps improve gear mesh, which aids in wearing, enhances performance, and shifting. Often, when a transmission experiences severe internal damage, it will harm the OEM front plate, but our billet front plate greatly reduces the chance of damage. We've used the front billet plate on our GrubbWorm Camaro (world's fastest LT1-based car) with great success and an improved gear wear pattern. 

The Tick Performance Sprayer system on the front plate replaces the Bungs and Sprayer design ($150 savings). Our machined sprayer evenly coats 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears more accurately and thoroughly than ever before. When a vehicle launches or shifts during racing, transmission fluid moves to the back of the case, causing a lack of lubrication. We've encountered numerous transmissions with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears burned up. The Tick Performance Bungs and Sprayer system eliminates this issue. The front plate includes the AN fitting pre-installed, which makes for a clean and easy installation. See our kit with fluid pump here.