Tick Performance TP9802FP - Hot-Wire Fuel Pump Harness for GM Truck/SUV 98-02


Have a late-model GM truck or SUV that requires more fuel? We offer this simple plug-and-play Hot-Wire Fuel Pump harness which uses the stock fuse box for an easy and factory-appearing installation. This pre-made harness can withstand high-heat and abrasion in an anti-snag loom. 

This Hot-Wire Fuel Pump Kit is designed to make the installation of an aftermarket fuel pump easy and reliable. The kit provides ample current to run most aftermarket in-tank pumps. The kit can also be used with a stock-fuel pump you’d like to run at maximum efficiency. The harness is weather proof and designed to be installed in factory locations, and connects to the factory fuse box, using a pre-existing fuse cavity.


The harness simply plugs into the stock fuel pump harness plug, and the relay mounts onto a factory frame bracket (see instructions). The power lead wire simply routes to the under-hood fuse box, and plugs in with the ring terminal supplied in the kit. Install the terminal end into the fuse box, plug in the supplied fuse and you’re done! This provides a simple, easy, clean, and factory-style installation. No specialty tools required. 


  • Pre-made high-temp and abrasion resistant harness 

  • Relay and 50amp fuse included 

  • Water/Weather proof components 

  • Provides needed current for aftermarket fuel pumps

  • Can increase the life of your stock fuel pump 

  • Easy installation, and clean wiring harness 

  • Reliable and easy to maintain

Kit includes:

  • 1x Relay and Harness  

  • 1x 50amp Fuse              

  • 1x 10awg Ring Terminal and Shrink Wrap                       

  • 1x Maxi Fuse

  • 1x Nut and Bolt                         

  • Zip Ties


  • '98-'02 GM Full Size Truck/SUV

Please Note: 

  • Fuel Pump hat must have the upgraded 280 series connector. If the truck has EVER had a replacement fuel pump assembly, this should already be done. 
  • May not fit L59 Flex-Fuel equipped vehicles