Tick Performance TPALT44C - Alternator Charging Module - Two Pin LS, LT & Bosch Alternators


Do you have a newer 2-pin Bosch alternator? This is your go-to charging solution! The TPALT44C is designed to replicate the factory ECU signal to excite the alternator. Charging voltage will be set to an optimal 14.4-14.6 volts, resulting in greater performance from all your electrical devices. Fully potted and sealed, the TPALT44C can withstand the harshest environments without compromising charging voltage. 

Easy to install with nothing more than a Ground and Ignition 12v connection to make. Choose one of our Coil Power Taps, for an even easier, cleaner install. Coil Power Taps are available for all LS style coils, as well as Smart IGN 1A coils.
Do you need a higher voltage unit? For an extra $30, you may order a custom voltage controller, available up to 15.3 volts. These units will be built-to-order. Expect 2-5 days extra for production.  
Are you using a stock ECM for gauge or dash functions, but swapping to the 2-pin Bosch Alternator? Pick up a TPALT2FD to integrate the new charging system into an older OEM computer system. This will prevent the dash from showing a "NO CHARGE" or "Service Charging System", or the Battery Light from being on, in the dash.