Tick Performance TPCRANKBO1 - Crankshaft Sensor Breakout Harness


The Tick Performance Crank Sensor Breakout Harness is perfect for sharing your 24x or 58x crank signal with aftermarket computers and modules. This will eliminate engine codes in some applications.

Ideal for piggyback applications, where your original ECM is needed for engine speed for operations, gauges, CAN protocol, and OBD-II compliance, while a new ECU like a Holley Terminator X controls the engine.

Harness is compatible with both Gen3 (24x) and Gen4 (58x) LS applications and can be used with/in combination with Holley HP, Holley Dominator, Holley Terminator X and X Max, Stock GM ECM/ECU's, or ANY system that utilizes the stock style crank sensor. Includes 8ft single wire lead