Tick Performance TPHBDF2543 - Billet Head Bolt Drill Fixture Gen 4


The standard Tick Performance Head Bolt Drill Fixture (with no options) will work on all Gen 4 LS-series blocks, and includes the following:

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 drill fixture place
  • Drill bushing for tap drill
  • Drill bushing for counterbore
  • Guide bushing for tap
  • Coated HSS Drill for tap hole
  • Coated HSS Drill for counterbore
  • Bright Finish 1/2-13 spiral flute tap
  • Two (2) bushing retaining screws

If you need to work on a Gen 3 LS-Series block, add the option from the drop-down menu. This option includes the following:

  • Extra long drill for tap hole operation

...and if you need to work on the lower 4 bolt holes on 6 bolt blocks (for upgrading to 3/8-16) you can add that option from the drop-down menu as well, which will add the following:

  • Drill bushing for tap drill
  • Guide bushing for tap
  • Coated HSS Drill for tap hole
  • Precision 3/8-16 Tap

This fixture can be used to enlarge the bolt holes in the head itself. See the VIDEO tab above for an instructional video. Contact us with questions!

Tick Performance solid-dowel pins are necessary when upgrading to 1/2in head studs. See the recommended product below. 


Cylinder Head: 

After performing the job on the block, you can use the DIY Head Fixture on the heads to make room for the larger studs. Bolt the fixture to your head and use the larger, 33/64in drill bit (included in the kit). This will provide ample room for the new, larger 1/2in studs. 



The Tick Performance DIY Head-Stud Upgrade Fixture is designed to work with the Tick Performance ARP 1/2in head stud kit ONLY (GEN-IV or GEN-III). The fixture and instructions may not work with another brand 1/2in head-stud kit.