Tick Performance TPMAP2221 - MAP Sensor Adapter Harness LS1/LS2 to LS3 6"


Have an LS3 or LS9 MAP Sensor, but an LS1 or LS2 harness? We have you covered. No need to re-pin or use expensive wiring tools. This plug-and-play harness will adapt any LS1 or LS2 Map Sensor plug with an LS3 or LS9 Map Sensor. Great for boosted applications or especially handy with Holley HI-Ram intakes which require LS3 sensors. 

Holley EFI LS main harnesses have a MAP sensor connecter designed for use with an LS1/2 style MAP sensor. This TPMAP2221 is an adapter harness that can be used to adapt any LS harness that uses an LS1/2 MAP sensor connection to an LS3 MAP. Also great for use with LS Hi-Ram intakes that require an LS3 MAP sensor.