Tick Performance TPMAP25C - 2.5 BAR MAP Sensor for GM E40 ECM's LS1 LS2


Have issues tuning a E40 ECU? We have the fix! When adding boost to these applications, tuners often experience issues with insufficient MAP Sensor readings. Our 2.5 Map Sensor corrects these issues allowing for accurate readings up to 22 pounds of boost! The sensor allows for negative (boost, instead of vacuum) readings. 


  • Plugs directly into factory plug 

  • Designed to handle up to 22 lbs of boost

  • Will work on all GM ECM/PCMs 

  • Corrects sensor readings on boosted '05 Corvettes, '05-'06 GTO's and '05-'06 Trail Blazer SS 


MAP Characteristics:  Linear=250 kPa / Linear B=83.33 kPa / Sensor Offset=10.00 kPa


With this MAP sensor, you can take full advantage of the 2.5 bar VE table which means you can accurately tune and log up to 22 lbs of boost! The sensor plugs direct into the factory plug, and now fits exactly like the stock OE sensor. While this sensor is aimed at E40 ECM applications it will work with all other ECM/PCM's as well.

The E40 ECM found in '05 Corvettes, '05-'06 GTO's and '05-'06 Trail Blazer SS vehicles has never been any tuners favorite controller to work with.  One of those reasons is the inability to input a MAP sensor offset with a negative value.  For example, the ZR1 map sensor which has a -11.25 kPa offset.  Sure, the GM Cobalt MAP sensor will work for applications up to 2 bar but if you have need to make beyond 15 lbs of boost you're out of luck even though the 2 bar OS has a VE table good for 2.5 bar.