Tick Performance TPSSLNK - 1/2" - 20 Drag Wheel Lug Nut Kit


This lug nut kit is a lightweight alternative to standard shank style lug nuts on drag cars. The nuts are stainless steel 12 point, with 9/16 wrenching. Thread size is 1/2-20 which is the standard size for all front drag brake kits.

This lug nut kit weighs about one pound less than most lug nuts on the market. Aluminum lug nuts will cause issues with galling and can not be tightened like steel. These are also made right here in out facility and we run them on all of our drag cars. If you want the best light weight lug nut kit, look no further.

Kit Includes: 

Aluminum Spacers (x10)

12-Point Lug Nuts (x10) 



Shank Length .451"

Shank Diameter .687"

Flange Thickness .250"

Stud Bore .500"