Tick Performance TPVC002 - Gen 5 DOD Delete Billet Valley Cover


Brighten up your Chevy Gen-V LT with the Tick Performance Billet Valley cover. CNC-Machined in house from a single piece of aluminum, our billet cover removes the ugly DOD solenoids—important when upgrading your camshaft. 

The Billet Valley Cover features black anodizing with an off-white Tick logo. Anodizing coats the top layer of the machined aluminum, and unlike paint, it won't stain or peel, and can tolerate high temperatures. This means your cover will stay looking new for a long time. 

DOD Delete:

When upgrading to a Tick Performance Gen-V LT camshaft, the Billet Valley cover is an excellent option as it eliminates the need for DOD-delete plugs. Save $50 when pairing this cover with our cam kit. See the cam-kit drop-down menu for details. 


Cover designed to fit 5.3L and 6.2L Gen V LT truck and LT1 car engines. 

Parts Included:

  • Tick performance Gen-V Billet Valley Cover 
  • Urethane O-rings (8) 

Reused Parts: 

  • To lower retail cost, the following components are used from your vehicle. 
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • PCV valve/fitting
  • PCV baffle from the underside of the cover
  • Valley cover gasket